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Jane Wright, whose mum Kath is a resident here at Leycester House, has done something incredible and raised over £6000 to say thank you to our wonderful staff.

Jane raised the money after setting up the Coronavirus Relatives and Friends Support Group on WhatsApp.

Initially, Jane caught the attention of the BBC after raising more than 10 times her original target through a Just Giving page.

“The fund started with a target of £100 but this was soon blown out of the water going over £1,000, which was amazing in itself, with some relatives donating more than once,” says Jane. “But then we had an anonymous donation of £5,000, which was totally stunning - I'm glad I was sitting down when I got that news!

“The donation came with the comment on the JustGiving page, ‘incredible, wonderful staff’ which has summed up the thoughts and comments from all the relatives and friends.”

Jane was able to announce the new total live on air during a BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio interview on Sunday morning.

“I wanted to speak about the care at the home to highlight the fantastic work that carers in general do, and particularly the team at Leycester House do, especially in the current difficult circumstances,” says Jane.

“As relatives, we already know what brilliant care the Leycester House team give to our loved ones, but it's been so reassuring knowing they are going above and beyond to maintain that level of care at the moment.

“It was lovely to do the radio interview, to share all the great work of both the Leycester House team, and the relatives and friends in supporting them. To share such a positive story helped get over my nerves - I did feel a bit emotional just before the interview as I was thinking about my mum who I have only seen in photos and through the window for many weeks.”

Our general manager Linda Atkinson says the gifts are very welcome: “We have just received a wonderful treat box filled with loads of flavoured luxury teas and coffees and some gorgeous biscuits. They have been distributed to all departments so that everyone can enjoy them,” she says.

“I am totally overwhelmed at their kindness and generosity. The staff are absolutely delighted and it has given them a wonderful feeling of being appreciated.

“We are all missing each other,” says Linda. “Leycester House is a very sociable, warm and family orientated home and relatives forge new friendships with each other and the staff.”

Jane says she plans more gifts for the future, with a few surprises for the staff along the way. “We have another batch of treats to go to staff in the very near future - I won't go into the exact details as I want to keep it a surprise for the staff - but it involves the thoughts of relatives and friends about the staff, in a creative way!” she says.

“Then there is another batch of treats in the pipeline - again a surprise. We are currently planning what to do with the £5,000 - we have asked the staff for any ideas they have. We will share the details at a later point.

“We hope that the treats will make the staff smile, help to lift their spirits, and make them aware of how much we appreciate and value them.”

Care Quality Commission Rating of Leycester House Care Home

*Last report published 12/01/2021

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